We are Nationwide Private Process Servers who provide professional and dependable delivery services. We deliver urgent letters, time sensitive demands for payment, urgent notifications and, of course, all legal documents. We are nationwide subpoena servers who handle all jurisdictions, state and federal subpoena's are served by authorized professionals only. Have your summons, order, writ, citation and all other court issued papers served by A.C.E., Inc Nationwide Process Servers !

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Guaranteed Service of Process and Document Delivery Services for Paralegals, Attorney's and Corporate Counsel

Private National Process Server Services

We are a Florida based Private Process Server Agency. Our national services are offered by our experienced agents and extend throughout the United States. Our private process servers are are only a call, text or email away. Our well manged agents afford you immediate availablity for consultation and assure proper handling, servicing and delivery of your request.

Serving and delivering courthouse and legal documents and providing statutory compliance in all American States is our specialty.

Unlike other processing companies that offer you third party ways to contact a processor server from a paid directory listing, we offer you direct contact with one office and a processor server account representative who will handle all your needs. Don't give your important service request to a computer database marketing company only to find out your important documents were forwarded to someone who paid to get your business.  People who pay for your business may not be the best service provider, caveat emptor !

We are not a paid third-party directory service. We are a full time reputable Nationwide and Experienced Processing Service agency. Our specialty is coordinating Nationwide Private Process Service requests. When you select our agency, you become one of our valued clients. When you are one of our clients you reap the benefits of speaking directly to one of our processing account executives.  We are here to answer all your questions, update your file via email. We will provide you with professional reports and appropriate affidavits. All affidavits are detailed to meet your state, jursidiction or county court requirements. Each affidavit is notarized and sent back upon the completion of service. We accept all service requests via email attachments or US Mail and or Overnight delivery. We accept all credit cards and law firm checks. For new clients all services are prepaid at the time services are requested. Any Law Office, Corporate Counsel or Corporation seeking to set up a national account is welcome to simply
email us and request an account set up form.  Should you decide to cancel service, there are NO Refunds after we receive your documents.

Listed below are the types of Processor Servers who are available to address your particular needs.

All Private Process Servers in our organization offer specialized and personalized service to each of our clients:
Private Processor Servers
Certified Processor Servers
Licensed Processor Servers
Sherriff Appointed Processor Servers
Constable Processor Servers
Court Processor Servers
Private Processor Servers
County Processor Servers
Statewide Processor Servers
City Processor Servers
town Processor Servers
Professional Processor Servers
Private Investigator Processor Servers
Skip Tracer Processor Servers
Evasive Witness - Processor Serving Services
Evasive Defendant - Processor Serving Services
Elusive Debtors
Elusive Respondents
Avoiding Service; Expert Processor Serving Skills
Finding and Serving a Witness Services
Finding and Serving a Defendant Services

Celebrating 20 years of successful processor services
Nationwide process serving services and over 525,000 successful transactions.

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